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So what is your unwritten matter?

I’ve been meaning to write my own blog for years now. In full honestly, I’ve also tried and failed to maintain a blog twice already. But as the grey haired men and women constantly say – it’s never to late to give it another go – so here I am!

In my previous two attempts to maintain a blog, I had successfully completed writing a few narratives, but in both cases I never had the courage to actually publish my thoughts. I know what you’re thinking – so all those endless typing and for nothing?

Well, not really. Turns out, that writing doesn’t only help me feel a sense of release from the burden of overthinking, but it also helps me soothe my thoughts out. It’s merely a process to help me do what’s most important in full hindsight – it helps to get my shit together.

This time around though, I simply published the page before I put out any full constructed article. I think that this was essential so that I didn’t feel the urge to back out from my long lost and failed attempts to blog.

Normally, one would start with writing something positive – a win anecdote, a fond memory or simply a cake review. But my blog is all about accepting the your flaws and owning up to your individual setbacks and failures. Hence, my home page writing is what it is.

But I do hope, that the more unwritten I write, the closer I become to overcoming my individual setbacks and embracing new courage to enable me to do better, everyday.

Cheers all,

Sending love ♥️

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